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History of the Book of Malachi

A minor prophet in the days of Nehemiah, Malachi appeals to the backsliders. This Book was written around 432 B.C. to 425 B.C. The prophet Malachi uses the question/answer method to probe deeply into Israel's problems of hypocrisy, infidelity, divorce, false worship and arrogance. These words straight from the Lord through His prophet Malachi did not phase the Jews. Until John the Baptist came, God remained silent and quit communicating to His people through a prophet's voice. The way Malachi prophesied, it was designed to break through the barrier of Israael's disbelief, disappointment and discouragement. Through all their rebellion though God reveals His continuing love. The love of God is shown for the nation of Israel. The sin of the priests and the people are confronted and then the future is proclaimed with the coming of Jesus Christ and of Elijah. The spiritual climate of the people had grown cold, and Malachi rebukes them for their religious and social compromise. If they return to God with sincere hearts, they will be blessed. When reading through these 4 chapters of the Old Testament Book of Malachi, pray what the Lord wants to work in you through these prophetic Words. If we learn the lesson through His example, we will spare ourselves the grief that came with not following what God longs for His children to do.

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